Bright + Starry

Last week at MayamaSho, Mr. Igari (the KISS loving hipster teacher) helped me do this calligraphy. My favorite kanji to write is 勉強 benkyou— study, but I wanted to write something with a better meaning than that… I ended up going with “bright” since it’s easy and cheerful. By itself, the little character on the left means “sun” or “day,” and the one on the right means “moon”— so together they are super bright? That’s how I remember it at least. I have some calligraphy paper and I need to do some arts and crafts for tomorrow anyways, so perhaps I’ll do some more tonight <3

My bag came from Rakuten ;_; Oh god, it’s even cuter in real life. I still can’t believe what a great deal I got on it. As soon as I opened it, I went back to the online store to buy another in different color. Alas, the sale’s over and the price, while still low, is now up to ¥3900. Booooo… I’m so happy I got this though :) 

Tomorrow’s Friday, yay! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s classes; the sannensei are writing letters in English to foreigners, and I get the pleasure of grading them. This weekend’s gonna be chock full of sports events, and I get Monday off so I’m planning on going shopping in Sendai. Hooray for long weekends :)

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