Life flows cyclical

I have… so so many pictures to post. But I am exercising restraint and will just have an insane post for tomorrow :)

I had a pretty productive weekend, getting stuff done… namely getting checked for TB. Oddly enough, when I went in to have the test read, they refused to see me because the nurse recorded my test time at 5PM instead of 3PM, which was kind of bullshit. What if this had been something more life threatening? Dammit, Kaiser. As you can see, I was not thrilled.

Saturday night made up for it though; I saw my friend John’s band play at Catalyst Gallery. Aside from their band tearing shit up, the show was featuring artwork on skateboard decks. There was some awesome stuff, including a skateboard sculpture of Jesus. We ended up going next door to the bar and ordering a ton of shots afterward, and then I bought some Pistachio ice cream and ate like… half of it :)

Sunday was a very lazy rainy day… I started playing around on the iPhone and discovered my newest obsession, Instagram. Goddammit, it’s just so fun to play around with, and you can expect a slew of Instagram photos from now on. It’s a lot like FX Camera, but the filters and tilt shift are really fun to play with. I’m not terribly wild about the interface though, and the resolution isn’t superb, especially on the front facing camera. Oh well… Photograph all the things!

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