The world, like a mirror.

The world, like a mirror.

Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX - I Love It
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I threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs.


Crazy like a fox ♡

Crazy like a fox ♡

ENJOYIN me some Wild Mountain Berry ice cream! @Hans’ Ice Cream & Deli

ENJOYIN me some Wild Mountain Berry ice cream! @Hans’ Ice Cream & Deli

Green Thumb

I started something of a mini garden several months ago using these dollar grow kits from Target and various dollar stores and it’s funny how excited you can get over growing little seeds yourself. Nathan and I transplanted them last weekend into bigger pots and I can’t wait to see how the flowers will bloom/the veggies and fruits will come along. They had such cool plants at Home Depot and now I want a real crazy garden someday ♥

Polka Dot nails

Polka Dot nails

Jin-ya RamenLunch


More Leocat love ♥♥♥


Yeah, it’s been several weeks since E3, but it’s best that I get these up ASAP so it’s not so ridiculously embarrassing how old these are. 

My first day at my new job, I was given a grand tour of the office building, and it was also sprung upon me that I would have the lovely duty of working the XSEED booth at E3 in LA. I’d never been before, so I was super pumped to go this year.

I was hoping it’d be a bit more like Comicon, but alas, shopping and the dealer room were non existent there. It’s probably for the better though, working the booth was tiring and I barely had time to walk around after my shift to enjoy the blast of lights, music, and video game demos.

I brought both mine and Nathan’s 3DS’s and got way more streetpasses than I thought possible. The sheer amount of international visitors to E3 was just staggering— I got streetpasses from people from Brazil, Scandinavia, Australia, all over Europe, and of course Japan. Also got to meet quite a few awesome cosplayers too, including but not limited to MGS’ Snake, Ted, Playstation’s Toro, and Kratos.

The ultimate score however was getting to meeting Goichi Suda, whose games killer7 and No More Heroes I love. Incidentally, his newest game Killer Is Dead is being published by XSEED, so he was around the booth the whole time, albeit in meetings with the press a lot.

Working was exhausting, mostly because I was on my feet constantly. I was too tired to do much after working a 4 hour shift, but I did eventually get around to scoring some of the cool freebies I there, including a sweet E3 exclusive Shin Megami Tensei print that I got signed by the original Japanese artist.

I missed my boyfriend and cat a lot, but overall it was really fun and cool to be up in LA for those few days. My company paid for a hotel in Hollywood for me and my coworkers to stay in, and it felt so cool having an exhibitor’s pass instead of being the usual con-goer. Saying you played a PS4 demo next to Shigeru Miyamoto doesn’t hurt either ♥

Light and Summery

It’s been so long! I mentioned it earlier, but well… I just can’t seem to find time to do anything nowadays. I start and end later at work, and between projects and learning how to use Unity for UI work, there’s absolutely no down time. I also attended E3 for nearly a week straight where I was promptly burnt out on all forms of people, communication, 3DS streetpasses, and standing.

I’m pleased to announce however that things are definitely settling down a lot more. I’ve got a grasp on the flow of work and am also just much more comfortable and not, you know, worrying about doing the exact right thing constantly at a new place. But I won’t bother anyone with the details of work just yet, though I have some cool projects I want to post about later :)

And now, here’s a cute spring/early summer outfit from a weekend… several weeks earlier.